Principles of Democracy



New Naratif is a movement democratising democracy in Southeast Asia. They aim to make Southeast Asians proud of the region, its shared cultures, and shared history. They fight for the dignity and freedom of the Southeast Asian people by building a community of people across the region to imagine and articulate a better Southeast Asia.
with New Naratif
Branding, Design & Mapping

This series evolved democratically, beginning with a collection of articles proposing key principles for Southeast Asian democracy. These articles were followed by virtual Democracy Classrooms, where participants engaged in discussions about these principles. Together, we explored and defined concepts like self-determination and historical awareness, adapting them to our unique contexts. Subsequent events and outputs focused on how we practiced and promoted democracy within our local communities.

We also encouraged discovering democratic practices by exploring examples from across the region on an interactive map.


The branding of PoD utilizes woven papers and mixed media to speak about how the practices of the principles of democracy are an ever-going patchwork in which the Southeast Asia community is encouraged to be a part of. The interconnectivity between one country with another — through their history and recent developments — may be tangled and overlapped, and to be revisited through a regional solidarity lens.


The map includes case studies of democratic practices across Southeast Asia.

It is live here.

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