Myloh, short for My Life of Hope, is a mobile application that combines the behavioural sciences of psychiatry and psychology with advanced AI and Machine Learning technologies to create an AI mental health E-buddy.
with Chemistry Team, 2022
Communication Designer

  • Supported by Singapore's Institute of Mental Health, National Youth Council, Infocomm Media Development Authority, and Enterprise Singapore. 
  • featured as an Honourable Mention in Fast Company's Innovation by Design Awards

Illustration | UI/UX Design

Chemistry was engaged as a consultant to work with Myloh on reviewing and improving their UI/UX with additional features and tools alongside a brand new design to build user engagement.

The Research

Through literature reviews and interviews with students, teachers and counsellors, Chemistry captured approximately 750 data points which were used to build a comprehensive understanding of the systems & processes related to mental health among youths. 

This allowed us to identify some key barriers preventing youths from seeking help and, thus, the key opportunity areas to ease students' access to the help-seeking in the mental health space.

The experience employs gamification principles to motivate and engage a younger audience.

Users are able to track and progress their mental health journey at their own pace, according to their needs with an element of fun. This is aimed to  encourage consistency in up-keeping users' mental well-being.

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