Politics in Motion:
Cultural Counterpower



Politics In Motion is a nonprofit organization founded in May 2023 by Prof. David Harvey and Prof. Miguel Robles-Durán, along with Dr. Chris Caruso, instructional technologist, and noted writer and art curator Laura Raicovich. Our anti-capitalist media platform offers piercing insights and thought-provoking analyses on political, social, spatial, cultural, environmental and economic issues through a range of engaging mediums, including YouTube streams, podcasts, and live events.
with Politics In Motion
Production, Videography, Editing 

In my role at Politics in Motion, I film & edit podcasts for Gravediggers Unite and Cultural Counterpower. I also refreshed the branding, motion graphics and web page.

In this first episode of Cultural Counterpower, Laura discusses the relationship between art and the ways we imagine the world around us. She delves into the powerful forces that have narrowed the public imaginary and how they neatly dovetail with the traditional functions of cultural institutions. By connecting the dots between how museums are funded and the highly specific interests and ideals they often serve, she makes a compelling proposal for undoing these inequitable conditions towards a more generous and generative cultural sphere.

Laura Raicovich is an advocate for art that embraces complexity, poetics, and care to foster a more just civic realm.