Pickupp Customer Stories



Pickupp is a technology-enabled logistics platform dedicated to supporting businesses and individuals with door-to-door deliveries. We currently delight more than 20,000 users across Asia, including companies such as Charles & Keith, with our 4-hour on demand, next day, and 1 - 3 days delivery services.
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This video series highlights some of the small-medium enterprises that use Pickupp as their logistics provider.

1. Once an aviation purchaser, Jecc Seafood switched paths at 26 to start a Facebook live seafood auction business. Her appetite for risk and willingness to innovate has led to success in her business.

2. Kim Choo Kueh Chang has been established in Singapore since 1945 and is still thriving today. Edmund, third-generation owner of the business tells us - wrapping rice dumplings is not fully automated. To maintain the quality of their handmade dumplings, it should never be fully automated.

3. With a hybrid delivery model that consists of Style Theory’s own fleet and a partnership with Pickupp, the company succeeded in achieving a 98% customer satisfaction rate by switching up the company’s logistics model in a bid to enhance their customer experience.